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Water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink

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This is a community project to design and implement low cost, no cost, water desalination for seaside residents in need of free fresh water.

What’s the problem?

The lack clean fresh water in locations near the sea.

The water itself is not lacking. It’s right there, waiting to be extracted from the ocean. The problem is not even the extraction itself. The ability to desalinate sea water is also readily available, and there are many different ways to do so. Each method has trade offs.

The problems are all cost related, and there are many, both financial and environmental.
The cost for equipment and infrastructure, operation and maintenance, energy and consumables and distribution are financial.

Then there are environmental costs. With proper planning and design, these issues can actually be eliminated. It’s mostly about the returning water and the higher concentration of salts and minerals, the brine water, and also the force of suction at the intake of seawater. These problems are solved during the system design.

If only there was a better way

We plan to reduce and/or eliminate these costs. We believe these problems are all solvable, today, with existing, proven technology.

We also believe the need for water will only increase in the near future and the cost to extract it will increase exponentially as the demand will not be met.

If we can share the ability for the people to generate water themselves right now, the demand may not outpace the supply. Even as demand grows, it takes time and money for commercial scale production to be available, if they can even afford the cost.

Fresh water from the sea

A process to remove salts and mineral components to produce water suitable for human consumption or irrigation.

Saltwater Desalination

Desalination is commonly done by the process of distillation or reverse osmosis. Desalination can be divided into two methods. Thermal based (using heat to boil the water) and membrane based (reverse osmosis).

The main methods used in large scale commercial operations today, are multi-stage flash distillation and reverse osmosis. Learn more.

Small Scale Prototypes

We are building and testing prototype systems using off-the-shelf material and equipment. By combining innovative technology from unrelated fields, we can improve efficiencies and reduce costs. By using locally available supplies, we can publish documentation for people to copy and access the benefits immediately and have there own water production. Learn more.

Workshop on the Beach

We already have ocean side land set up at an undisclosed tropical island location. We have equipment, tools, and a workshop in place and are powered by 10,000 watts of solar panels.

As we expand this community and our research, we would like to invite some volunteers to spend some time and get hands on experience with this project. For those that may not be able to visit, we can collaborate online.
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This project is not a charity, nor a business.
We are just a community with similar goals and interests trying to do the right thing.

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